Our Training & Development Modules For



We undertake workshop for  students on  stress management for students and parents of class 10th and 12th to support and motivate them during their exams. We  conduct school integrated program for the secondary students for enhancing their personality, mannerisms and confidence. We hold parenting workshops to keep the parents abreast with the world’s most crucial job – parenting. We also conduct workshop for Teachers and supporting staff of Schools



We prepare the students to face Corporate Career through our workshop of Career Orientation Program. While students get ready for their life academically in various colleges and universities but they are not completely prepared for the working world and its ways. We hand hold them by conducting a Career Orientation Program to bridge this gap. They will get a first hand knowledge about how to prepare for the interview , corporates functionalities, departmental issues, corporate culture, their roles etc.


Nursing homes & Hospitals

We have come up with a new perspective in handling the grievances and complaints of the family members of the patients in their times of tragedy and turmoil. Many a times in this crucial and sensitive moment, the hospital and nursing home staffs are unable to handle it with the required skills. This is where we provide them with behavioral skills training in order to iron out and smoothen the relationship between the staff and the patients. This Workshop is conducted for RMO, Doctors, Nurse, Paramedics & all the supporting staff of Nursing Homes and large corporate Hospitals.



Corporate training, also known as Corporate Education or more recently Workplace Learning, is a system of activities designed to educate employees. … The responsibility of training the workforce is generally taken on board by Development or Talent teams in larger corporations and Human Resources in smaller companies.